“LinkedIn continues to be the most effective platform for professionals.”

Whether you’re looking to sell a service, develop your professional brand or connect with potential clients, Yai has developed a formula that maximizes your opportunities for career growth and development. 

Being consistent and strategic with how you cultivate business relationships is the key factor to your success with using LinkedIn.

With over 10 years of experience using the platform, not only has Yai mastered this skill but she will also train you on how to build your reputation and visibility on LinkedIn so you can attract those new jobs, partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities that you are striving to get.


Why you need to be visible on LinkedIn

- It's the most professional social media platform for business where you can share your thoughts on business issues. This is not FB!

- Because eventually, you'll move on in your career journey: New role or new company - and you'll use this tool to find a job, connect with recruiters & old friends who can pass along your resume.

- If you're a proud business owner, you'll find your ideal customer by searching connections and groups strategically. You also need to have a presence around other successful business owners. (Yai can help you build your company page!)

- When you meet people at networking events, THIS is where you should be connecting with them - Yai will show you what to say and send via that first interaction.

Don't have the time or the energy to make it to networking events? That's exactly what LinkedIn is for! Networking online is the easiest way to build your community of quality connections and leaders. Connect strategically with those that will help you launch, build and promote your brand.


Yai's Formula is Simple!


Let’s work together to develop your LinkedIn strategy so you can kick off 2019 with a bang and build the future that you deserve!

Yai's strategy helps you be intentional and consistent - the only two things you need to be successful in building your personal and professional brand!

Interested in having Yai do a professional branding, sales or recruiting workshop at your company? Let's talk!


When you work with Yai on LinkedIn you'll learn:

- How to be your authentic self in all your posts, articles.

- How to connect with people and bring them value immediately.

- How to develop your 4 core topics you'll be sharing.

- How to do everything on this platform for FREE! (No premium accounts)

- How to connect with people you admire and hope to collaborate with.

- How to build a network that refers you on a daily basis.

- How to plan your next career hop and help others do the same.


What is GhostLinkedIn Management?

You're too busy to manage your own LinkedIn page - that's where Yai comes in. Your expertise is not social media and you understand the importance of being consistent on this platform of professionals. Yai helps busy professionals, executives and small business owners manage their page 15 hours a month. Posting, connecting, tagging and engaging in your voice - in the most authentic way.


Yai's clients are: 

  • Professionals that want to accurately showcase their experience and interests. Yai will help your professionalism and personality shine through!

  • Career seekers looking to connect with recruiters. Yai will help you set up and an effective search strategy.

  • Small business owners that need a strategy for new clients & brand awareness. Yai will help you develop your ideal client avatar and help you find/connect with them!

  • Entrepreneurs looking to promote their services. Yai will help you promote your business, find new clients and receive referrals!

  • College students looking to set themselves up for their entry-level careers. Yai will help craft your profile even if you have no experience - it's all about the future of what you want to accomplish!

  • Looking for someone to completely revamp and brand their profile. Have no idea where to start? That's Yai's forte!

  • Interested in showcasing their unique brands to attract more followers.

Choose the package that better suits you!


Corporate Professionals & Community Leaders

You’re on the rise and you need to establish a refined brand on LinkedIn. Up to now you never really gave much attention to your LinkedIn profile but that has to change if you want to move up in your career.

Whether you’re looking to climb the ladder or make a lateral move into the unknown, let’s build your professional profile so you stand out from the crowd.


Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Business relationships are cultivated online, more often than you think. From brand partnerships to collaborations, LinkedIn gives you a platform to connect with the people who can move your business forward. You’re always looking for the smarter and more efficient way to do business development and there’s nothing more seamless than LinkedIn. You are always one connection away from finding the vendors, customers, and sponsors for your business.

Yai will teach you how to find clients, position your company, and develop a referral system so that you are aligning your online marketing with your business goals.


College & Graduate Students

As you build your resume with courses, extracurricular activities, language, and buzzwords, you’ll want to identify what sets you apart from the rest of the recent grads and the thousands of other candidates going for the same positions. This is called your unique value proposition and Yai helps perfect this so that your next job is only a few clicks away.

P.S. Your mentor should be paying for this!

Happy Clients!


"As a recent college graduate, I quickly discovered how important LinkedIn would be for my career growth. Thus, I met Yai through a LinkedIn workshop that I discovered on Eventbrite where she was the host. During this workshop, Yai was patient, well-prepared, and knowledgeable as she taught strategies for using LinkedIn. Her bubbling charisma and warm personality created an atmosphere that fostered learning, engagement and community between myself and over a dozen other workshop attendees. Not only did Yai help me with my career prospects via this LinkedIn training, she exceeded my expectations by connecting me with a colleague of hers to grow my network. I look forward to additional training content that Yai produces and I’m excited to see her succeed as she continues to help professionals like myself excel in their career."

F. Ezenwa


"When I started searching for a new job last year, I thought that I tried everything possible. I contacted friends for recommendations, went to company websites to apply directly for jobs, and looked through job boards from alumni and other associations that I am affiliated with. Of course I heard of LinkedIn but didn't believe that I could actually find a job on there. I had tried before and it seemed like there were too many applicants to ever be contacted for a position. When I told Yai about my failed search she encouraged me to try LinkedIn again. She looked at my page and was not happy with what she saw. She told me specific changes that need to be made, one of the most important was to add a professional headshot. Once the page met Yai's standards, I started my search again. Sounds crazy, but within two weeks I was being contacted for interviews. Shortly after, I accepted a position at a top asset management firm."

V. Brockbank