Yai's ability to captivate an audience with authentic storytelling is what sets her apart from other speakers.

As a career and diversity strategist, Yai brings depth and subject matter expertise to her workshops and presentations. As a champion of engagement, and with her high energy, Yai leaves you feeling like you CAN elevate your career and make a meaningful impact with your leadership potential.


Women's Empowerment: Career Women on the RISE

A talk for all women who are looking to elevate their career and leadership development skills in business or community.


In this talk, you'll learn:

- How to develop your career mobility strategy

- How to determine your "Unique Value Proposition"

- Understanding your strengths and opportunities

- Creating your own board of directors & accountability partners


Professional Branding: Creating Storytelling Magic Using LinkedIn

Whether you're a full-time professional, business owner or student, there's so much you could be taking advantage of when it comes to establishing your brand, selling a service, meeting your next employer or even client.


Yes, this platform let's you do all of that!

We get it, you're busy building your empire.

Yai wants to help Make your Network Your Net Worth.

In this modern branding session, you'll learn:

- The formula for developing your Unique Storytelling Magic

- The one strategy you need to have in place to secure branding success

- How I have built a strategic network of thought leaders who consistently refer me

*Depending on the audience, Yai personalizes each presentation.